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through and decide who to believe. >> schieffer: that was the part of the book. who am i pulling for in this book as it unfolds. why do you think it was so popular? it went right to the top. >> it's a twisting mystery, but it also has a basis, kind of gender relationes, long-term relationshipes, and there are a lot of things that people can kind of connect, to the different power plays that i think we have in long-term relationships and the give-any-take of a marriage, and i think people can-- whether or not they really relate to them entirely, i hope not, but i think that everyone can see a little bit of themselveses in that marriage. >> schieffer: and, chris, your book, it is also about a marriage, and it's basically a couple that gets transferred, the husband gets transferred to europe, to luxembourg, and the wife, it turns out-- i'm not giving anything away here because early on we find out she's not just the stay-at-home mom. he's actually a c.i.a. agent. and i must say, as i read your book, and both my older daughter and i both thought in the beginning it had been written b
>> schieffer: welcome back to "face the nation." for in in-depth analysis we will turn to our second panel. these are pollsters and political experts. leslie sanchez is a republican strategist. she runs the impacto group. stu rothenberg is one of the most respected political analysts in the land. he puts out the rothenberg political reports. anthony salvanto is the cbs news political director. he's the director of elections. anna greenberg is a senior vice president of the democratic polling firm greenberg, quinlan, and roster upon and last but not least our old friend larry sabato, the political guru of the university of virginia center for politics. stewart, let me talk to you. and you i talked last week. >> we did. >> schieffer: you said, don't look at me. i have no idea who is going to win. and this is what you do for a living. right now, how do you think this thing is breaking on this last weekend? >> i think the popular vote looks even or close to even, bob. i think anybody would be crazy to confidently predict how that's going to go. i still think the electoral college
gloof are you ready for some voting? katie perry says she is. >> wisconsin! you ready? >> schieffer: while she was making some smooth moves for the president, kid rock had his republican hat on for romney. >> go, romney. go, ryan. we'll get this done, ohio. >> schieffer: the pop stars and candidates race through the battleground states on one long last lap. >> that's quite a virginia beach welcome. >> hello, nevada. >> new hampshire got me the republican nomination, and new hampshire is going to get me the white house. thanks, you guys. >> schieffer: if there's anything both sides can agree on, this is close and could come down to one state, but which one, florida, virginia, or-- >> i think you may have noticed everyone paying's a lot of attention to ohio. >> schieffer: and them there's the wild card. what will the impact that the super storm that destroyed parts of new jersey and plunkedly the lower half the manhattan into darkness have the race? we've got the latest on hurricane sandy damage,en and this we'll turn to the best of the best political remembers, analysts and race watc
challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> schieffer: can the two sides find a way to get the country back on a sound financial footing before dacopian cuts in social and defense programs and an automatic tax increase go into effect at year's end? >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. now, this is his moment to engage the congress and work towards a solution that can pass both chambers. >> schieffer: if upcertainty over making a deal were not enough, washington was rocked by the scandal involving c.i.a. chief david petraeus. we'll get the latest on petraeus and the chances of compromise on the financial argument from republican senator lindsey graham. we'll get insight on the pretty thinking from his top strategist, david axelrod. then we'll go to our all-star panel of analysts. peggy noonan of the ""wall street journal"." david gergen of harvard university. dee dee myers of "vanity fair." and our own john dickerson. election 2012 is in the bookes, but the story is just beginning. and this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from c
>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," israel bombs terrorist targets in gaza for the fifth straight day from the air and the sea. israel has launched more than 1,000 strikes at gaza and warns today it will go directly after the territory hamas leaders. palestinian militants continue to fire rockets into israel, including one bound for tel aviv that was shot down by the israeli missile defense system. we'll go to our correspondents in the region for the latest. in thailand, where he was beginning his asian tour, the president strongly sided with israel. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. and we will continue to support israel's right to defend itself. >> schieffer: back home, the controversy continues over the administration handling of the episode in libya that left four people, including the american ambassador dead. >> this president, this adm
. >> schieffer: because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. well, just hours after helping negotiate the cease-fire between the israelis and hamas, egyptian president mohamed morsi declared more power for himself and said he was immune to judicial oversight. that has set off violent protests between morsi's muslim brotherhood, and the opposition parties. police used terd gas in cairo yesterday. more than 500 have been injured and egypt's judicial branch is joining with the opposition in protest. both sides have announced plans for major protests in cairo on tuesday. cbs news correspondent holly williams is in cairo this morning. holly, what can you tell synonymous. >> reporter: well, bob, what we're seeing here today in central cairo is violent clashes. they're fighting running street battles in the area around tahrir square, so the protesters throw stones and sometimes hurl obcents at the police. they push their way down the street and after a while the police fire back wit
answered. >> schieffer: the part that interests me, do we think-- does anybody have a suggestion that this had anything to do with anything besides what this extramarital affair? was somebody upset with general petraeus about what happened in benghazi? i think lindsey graham is right when he says we need to have an victories glowft of this incident but of this whole business, peggy. >> this is one of those what the heck is going on kind of moments where you have so many questions, as many people are saying off the record. this feels a little homeland, almost. you know what i mean? it's a little too mysterious. look, i come back to where i started. petraeus is a great guy. he has sacrificed for his country for 40 years. it is a shame to lose him over this. and i just have to ask why do we have to lose him over this? that actually makes no sense. >> schieffer: so do you think they moved too fast? >> i don't know what they knew. but it looks very strange. i do not understand why they could not-- i guess, i hope we'll find out why they-- why it wasn't a scenario in which they said, "
and organizeterrorist attack. that's unacceptable in today's environment. >> schieffer: do you have any answers yet as to why-- we know that they had asked to maintain their-- the current level of security and that was turned down. do we have any idea on what that decision was based on? >> no, and we're still getting to the bottom of that. that's one of my primary concerns. and that's certainly what i'm driving. first of all, why there was failure for adequate security at the temporary mission. and secondly, why they didn't assess the security risks posed to that facility? they had abundance of threat reports and incidents, both to that facility and other consulates that would have suggested that they were in a high-threat environment. i sponsored-- i cosponsored the initial legislation-- i was the lead republican in the house-- to create the diplomat security bureau and the accountability review board that also has been initiate so we can get to the bottom of who is responsible. there was minimal security. the barriers weren't sufficient. the attackers, the mob, overran the complex. the militia we
. >> schieffer: back home, the controversy continues over the administration handling of the episode in libya that left four people, including the american ambassador dead. >> this president, this administration has either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover-up, neither of which are acceptable to the american people. >> schieffer: mccain will be with us this morning, and we'll also get the take of the senate's number two democrat, dick durbin. for analysis we'll bring in the "washington post's" david ignatius. tom ricks, august of can the gen. and our own bob orr and margaret brennan. and we'll have a farewell interview with maine's republican senator olympia snowe, who's leaving the senate because she no longer felt it was a place she could get anything done. it's been a wild week, but we'll try to put it in perspective on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning again. we want to get right to the story in the middle east. , israel continuing to amass troops on the p
of the election, our chief rrshington correspondent bob schieffer asked the president's top political advisor, david hielrod, whether the white house knew about any of this before the election. >> did the white house -- did the president have any knowledge ny advanced word this was coming? >> my understanding is no. that general petraeus came in theer the election some time later in the week and tendered his resignation. the president accepted his wdgment that that was best. it certainly wasn't performance related. he has done an outstanding job in that role. >> pelley: you can see the rest of the interview with axelrod on "face the nation" with bob schieffer this sunday. petraeus turns 60 two days ago. after west point, he rose to the top combat commands in the army. in 2003, he led the 101st airborne in the advance on baghdad. he rewrote the blueprint for afghanistan, the military's counterinsurgency doctrine, emphasizing the protection of the civilian population from violence. in 2007, president bush ordered him to take command in iraq and in 2010 president obama put him in charge in afgha
because only 2% of the vote has been counted. bob schieffer, the other state that has just closed, the state of ohio is critical to mitt romney's hopes for winning the white house. >> absolutely. i mean, his people told me last week, yes, we could win if we lost ohio, but i think it would be a very tall hill to climb if that happened. i mean, and the only thing that we have said through this campaign season more than it's coming out to turnout, no republican has won the presidency unless they won ohio. 18 electoral votes up there. if you say that president obama starts tonight or we think he has 237 electoral votes for sure and he'll probably get in nevada which is six votes, that brings him to 243 votes. if he picked up ohio, then he would have, i think, 261 votes. he would need only nine more votes to climb the presidency. ohio is always important, especially to republicans, i'd say, this year more important than ever. >> we've been talking to voters in all states as they've left the polls today. anthony mason is in the exiting poll information. what did the voters in ohio say?
tomorrow. >> it's up to you! you've got the power! campaign 2012, bob schieffer, norah o'donnell and john dicker son with analysis. anthony mason reports on exit polls. byron pitts follows congress. from cbs news election headquarters, here again is scott pelley >> pelley: good evening. it's a state-by-state battle tonight for electoral votes. the magic number, you'll hear it all night, is 270. you'll also be hearing a lot tonight about the battleground states. nine states where the election is so close they could swing either barack obama or mitt romney. those are the nine battleground states. the polls have closed in only one of them, virginia, and the race there we do not have enough information yet to make a projection in the state of virginia. bob schieffer is, this is -- you've been covering presidential elections since 1972. >> not 57 of them! (laughs) >> pelley: quite a few, bob. i wonder. the polling is showing us that the election is very, very tight. what are you looking for tonight? >> well, the polls are showing this as a tie in the national vote. it all comes down to these n
: a campaign 2012 report from bob schieffer. and "on the road." steve hartman with children of the storm. silver linings in a dark week. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pel >> pelley: good evening. 110. that's the new death toll from hurricane sandy, and it's not likely to stop there. bodies are being found today in homes as rescue workers reach into the hardest-hit areas. the pictures that struck us today were of just one family in staten island, new york. 14-year-old kate at her grandparent's house. her mother, julie, trying to pull something recognizable from the rubble. and sheila and dominick trayna holding on to their memories and contemplating the future. the insurance industry estimates economic losses from the storm at $50 billion. second only to hurricane katrina. more than three million homes and businesses are still without power as the nights grow colder. in parts of new york and new jersey, there's high anxiety as the gas gauge drops to empty and the lines go on for hours. this evening,
crawford, nancy cordes, bob schieffer and john es,kerson. a week after the storm folks are so desperate for heat they're so desg furniture. >> it's very cold and they need bu to keep warm somehow. >> pelley: reports from jim imelrod and seth doane. and remember all that anger on the gas lines? >> i'm yelling? >> pelley: ben tracy found one >> place that's old-fashioned friendly. pl as long as people need the gas, we'll pump it for them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, two enars, $2 billion. urw it's your turn. ,he long, expensive presidential wn t is down to its final hours. national polls show that it's dead even, but in the few swing states that could tip the balance tomorrow night president obama has a slight advantage over mitt romney. in ohio, a university of oncinnati poll shows the president ahead 50% to 49%. in florida, a recent poll has him ahead by just two points. in wisconsin, the president hreds by three points. in iowa, the "des moines register" shows mr. obama up mr. oboints. and the colorado poll has
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to spend some money online tomorrow. >>> next on "face the nation," bob woodward joins bob schieffer. >>> and our news continues on our new social network that helps build friendlier communities in london and abroad on channel 44 cable 12 starting in a few minutes if you want to join us over there. in the meantime, one last look at the weather. brian, are we going to see the fog clearing? >> we should by about 10:00 this morning. we'll have a nice day, not quite as warm as yesterday. we'll hit a high of 64 in san francisco, 68 in oakland, increasing clouds, a chance of rain late tuesday. wednesday the commute will be a mess with rain and wind. it will stay that way off and on until next weekend. >> time to get your gutters ready. >> also a time when people start going out there and getting their christmas trees. >> the annual fundraiser has been operating about five decades. proceeds from tree sales are used to support scouting programs. it's at coach's field in piedmont open seven days a week through december 22. have you guys gotten your trees yet? >> well, you know, we haven't, ac
the transcript of her interview with bob schieffer, and there are caveats all through -- "based on what we know now." she was working from talking points from the administration. >> you are never going to satisfy charles krauthammer and with that. >> i will try, for goodness' sake. >> we would like to avoid another recession and rising unemployment if possible. >> there is only one way to solve these challenges, and that is to do it together i am open to compromise and i am open to new ideas. >> i think the spirit of cooperation you have seen over the last week from myself and my team, democrats across the aisle, the president, have created an atmosphere where i remain optimistic. >> isn't that nice? [laughter] >> pieces at hand in the republican caucus -- peace is at hand in the republican caucus? bill kristol and others saying and do we really want to be the party defending tax cuts for people with car elevators? this is not the position they want to be in. if i were obama, i would get them in a room and keep them there. >> interesting when you watch what is going on right now. obama does thi
to it that in hindsight -- >> you read the transcript of her interview with bob schieffer and there are caveats all through that -- "based on what we have now." she was working from talking points. is she the person i would have sent out? i am not sure, but she was working from talking points by the administration. >> you are not dissatisfied charles krauthammer without one. -- not going to satisfy charles krauthammer with that -- you are not going to satisfy charles krauthammer with that one. >> i will try, for goodness' sake. [laughter] >> i am open to compromise and new ideas. >> i think the spirit of cooperation you have seen over the last week from myself, my team, democrats across the aisle, the president, has created an atmosphere where i remain optimistic. >> isn't that nice? [laughter] >> could it be peace is at hand in the republican caucus? boehner is listening to others, like all the republican governors this week, and bill kristol and others are saying do we really want to be the party -- defending eleva tax cuts for people with car elevators? if i were obama, i would get them in a roo
-- >> you read the transcript of her interview with bob schieffer, and there are all tough -- "based on we know now." working from talkg points. is she the person i would have sent outut? i am not sure. she was working from talkiking points by the administraon. >> you are not going to satisfy charles krauthammer with that. >> will try, for goodness' sake. [laughter] >> there isnly one way to solve these challenges, a and tt together.t have saidid before, i am open compromise and open to new ideas. >> i think that the spirit of have seen overou from myself, my democrats across the aisle, from th predent, have where id an atmospher think -- i remamain optimistic. >> isn't that nice? [laughter] >> could it be that peace i is t hand in the publican caucus? boehner is listening to others, like vulnerable bunn -- ththe billlican governors, and kristol is saying do we really defending tax cuts people with car elevators. this is not the position n they i weree obama, i would just get them in a room there.p them >> but it is interesting when watch what oing on ght now. obama does th very nice sort
schieffer is with us now live. bob, in all the complaining about this fbi investigation and whether or not they told congress about the petraeus situation soon enough, is there just the tiniest little hint in there, that this scandal, if it had come out sooner, might have affected the election? >> i don't really think it would be, quite frankly, because i don't think it had much to do with what the campaign was all about. this campaign was about the economy, about jobs. it was about a lot of things and i do not think that the head of the cia resigning would have made all that much difference. i may be totally wrong about that, but i just don't think it would have. >> i think you're probably right. let's talk about the fiscal cliff, because i'm trying to figure out just how much compromise is actually on the table, because despite accommodating rhetoric, both sides seem to be digging in they're heels, not too far away from where they were last year. >> i think that's exactly right, derek. i think what you saw is both sides, there has to be a beginning. you have to lay out your openin
schieffer coming up next. keely and bianca thompson. keely, keely, keely and bianca thompson. accokeek. keely's district boxing and youth center. accokeek. >>> we are coming down to the wire, and on the presidential campaign trail, president obama and mitt romney are both targeting undecided voters who may be influenced by today's unemployment report. the jobless rate rose a 10th of a point from 7.8 to 7.9%. it is the highest number an incumbent president has faced on election day since franklin roosevelt. employers added 171,000 new jobs in october. 45,000 more than many analysts anticipated. and the labor department says hiring over the summer was better than previously thought. both president obama and mitt romney campaigned today in the battleground state of ohio. >>> with election day just days away the final push in the presidential race will be the focus of this week's cbs news "face the nation." joining us from new york is the host, bob schieffer. bob, does today's unemployment report in your mind favor the president more or governor romney more? >> well, i think the people at
. let's bring in our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation" bob schieffer and the coanchor of cbs "this morning," norah o'donnell. bob, too close to call? what do you think? >> i tell you, scott, what i draw from this first wave of exit polls it just underlines why the election has been so hard to figure out as it has from the beginning. the data is simply contradictory. for example, our exit polling has some good news for the president. 43% believe the president's policies favor the middle-class. 52% believe governor romney's policies favor the rich. yet 53% believe the federal government is doing too much while only 41% believe it should be doing more. so that should be good news for governor romney. and listen to this: on health care, 26% want to repeal the president's plan. but 25% want to expand it. this just tells you what we knew going in. the country is deeply divided, scott. we're going to be here for a while tonight. >> pelley: a divided nation. norah, what are you looking for? >> that's right, a divided nation. we know one of the biggest head win
for a look at what's ahead on "face the nation. "good morning, bob. >> schieffer: good morning, charles. it's all coming down to the battle ground states. we'll have the latest from the experts on where they think the campaign and the election stands on this final weekend. >> schieffer: thank you, bob scheiffer. we'll be watching. next week here on sunday morning... >> i do love being a grandmother. >> osgood: mo rocca talks with actress sally fields. insuran, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today. [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds bea
. >> major garrett, thanks. bob schieffer, host of "face the nation" joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> you're in washington. help us make some sense out of this and tell us when they'll be able to reach a deal. >> these things are like little plays, you know. you have act one and then you have act two. act one, we had both sides saying this is really serious and we've got to do something. now we see act two where the two sides are sort of laying out their positions. but so far, nothing has really happened. and nothing is going to happen, charlie, until they start talking to each other. so far, they're talking past each other. the president is talking to people. they're trying to build up pressure on the other side. republicans are talking to the public. once they get to talking to each other, we may find some progress. but we're not to that act. this play is still in progress. i think in the end they'll finally find something where they can get a start on this. but so far it hasn't happened. it just makes me wonder sometimes, charlie, has both sides forgotten how t
for the campaign 2012 is the top of the agenda on face the nation today. >> bob schieffer and rick lowry on the national review. peggy noonan of the wall street journal, and a political roundtable. that's on face the nation after our broadcast. >>> and other headlines, jury deliveries and are expected to resume tomorrow in the trial of a former san jose principal, obie whaley elementary, charged with failing to report great chandler, a teacher of committing lewd acts on a second grader back in 2011. >>> oakland city council looking at toughening up its anti-graffiti laws. proposed changes include making graffiti vandalism a misdemeanor instead of a simple interaction. it would also hold parents financially responsible and give frequently targeted businesses access to a city cleanup fund. property owners would have 10 days to clean up graffiti. >>> butterfat -- the requests can be -- >> 202000 feet of hose and 10 pressure washers. can you do that? i said absolutely. >> the requests can be unusual. >> anything man feels every last one of them for the troops. we will show you how he's doing
stephanopoulos, jim cantore anderson cooper and his golden saxophone, hologram edward r. murrow, bob schieffer. >> all right. >> tom brokaw. >> if it ain't brokaw, you don't fix t. >> jose diaz-balart. [ speaking in spanish ] >> you'll be the first to know. >> hoda and kathie lee. >> we've been drinking since since the midterm. >> and me -- >> patrick stewart. >> "the daily show" election night coverage, this ends now. >> okay. did you see us? >> yeah. >> we were excellent. that was the most work. >> do we get paid for that? okay. there is a professional cuddler out there, you guys, a weird story. you want to know who is right and who is wrong first? that gnocchi, the squirrel. >> the squirrel. >> gotten so many of these political -- campaign -- he has called them, called the race the right way. >> there were two bowls of nuts, one for president obama, one for governor romney and he was supposed to pick the nuts and the nuts he ate were the winner. >> he ate more of the governor's nuts. [ laughter ] >> anyway, and also jimmy fallon's dog was incorrect. >> gary the girl was wrong, too. a lot of
. in the third debate, mitt romney did not bring up benghazi. why? he was given an opportunity by bon schieffer. he had just gotten a classified briefing from the cia that told him what everybody who has got from in the glassified briefing knows that it was the cia's fault they department get information faster on what happened in benghazi. it was not at all susan rice's fault. >> the president said today the congress had the same information that susan rice had but john mccain was out there blabbing thorn saying she should have known better. as federal budget she doesn't have good enough to be in is that for this system and really it's discouraging for senator mccain who in the past i think has had wide respect on boothe both sides of the i'll it ton is to he was running against a wing er so the only reason he's doing this is out of personal weak or some other cranky motive and he just needs to give it up and lindsey graham needs to give it up, too. they need to suck it up and start to work across the aisle like they have in the past and show some basic respect for the president of the united
. >> if you're stepping out the door, enjoy your sunday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> schieffer: today on "face the nation," israel bombs terrorist targets in gaza for the fifth straight day from the air and the sea. israel has launched more than
provided, and i think that's why governor romney dropped this issue in the final debate. bob schieffer's first question was about libya, and he wanted nothing to do with it. why? he was getting the same briefings she was. >> speaking of ambassador rice, let me bring you in. maureen dowd is coming down on susan rice. >> she wanted to prove she had the gravitas for the job and help out the white house. she was focused on the pevens, not the content said one administration official. that's a quote in maureen's piece there. what do you make, again, of the focus on susan rice and what some perceive as a lack of focus on what former cia director david petraeus said or didn't say? i think peter king came out and gently worded it for peter king that the story was a bit different. >> well, i mean, i think you find a scapegoat here. she's front and center, but at the same time, i mean, there's all this incendiary talk about this, about ambassador rice, who is eminently qualified by the way. the senate did vote to confirm her four years ago. so we know that she's qualified. the question is, what'
of their party. plus bob schieffer, john dickerson, massachusetts senator elect elizabeth warren. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell and bob woodward and so much more. special election coverage at 7:00. back to you. >> in the words of ed sullivan a really big show this morning. >> that's a good way to describe it. see you guys. >>> well, after nearly two years of campaigning and some $2 billion spent, the 2012 election is finally over. and president obama is headed back to the white house for four more years. >> the money still sound staggering doesn't it? obama supporters partied into the night and early morning hours, kristin fisher is live from the capitol with more on the election outcome. good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well you know this election really didn't change the power structure much here in washington. republicans retained control of the house and the democrats retained control of the senate. and the president is going to stay the president for the next four years. the person waking up to really big change this morning is of course governor mitt romney. after
about israel during the third presidential debate last month in florida. moderator bob schieffer asked the candidates would be "willing to declare an attack on israel is an attack on the united states." this is part of president obama's response. >> first of all, israel is a true friend, our greatest ally in the region. if israel is attacked, america will stand with them. i have made that clear throughout my presidency. we have already made that declaration. >> i will stand with israel if they are attacked. this is the reason why -- working with his role of critic the strongest military cooperation between our two countries in history. in fact, this week we will carry out the largest of the to exercise -- august military exercise with israel. that is this week. >> yousef munayyer, can you respond to what president obama said? >> he is describing his policy. he stood 1/2% by the israelis. i think the problem is, it shows a complete lack of strategy of how to move this forward, strategic thinking that echoed, by the way, in the israeli government. they're referring to what they're doing
's policies favored 55% said they favored the wealthy. >> pelley: anthony, thank you. bob schieffer, what do you have there. >> well, one reason we may not be hearing from governor romney he told a television station in denver today that he had president obama said that he had prepared both victory speech and a concession speech. he said, you always have to have two speeches prepared because you can't take anything for granted. on the other hand, governor romney who was spending the night in massachusetts, said he had written only one speech tonight. he said i just finished writing a victory speech. maybe the reason we haven't heard from him maybe he's busy writing a speech here. >> pelley: we have some information, some original reporting from jan crawford at the romney campaign in boston. about a concession -- jan, what do you have? >> i just heard from one of >>> just heard from one of governor romney's senior advisers. he tells me the governor is not ready to condition seed at this point. they are still obviously seeing something out there they want to make sure before they call the pr
an opportunity by bob schieffer. he didn't because he had just gotten a classified briefing from the cia that told him what everybody who has got an classified briefing knows. which is that it was cia's fault that they didn't get intelligence faster on what happened in benghazi. it was not at all susan rice's fault. >> well, the president said today that the congress had the same information that susan rice had. >> exactly. >> but john mccain was out there blabbing this morning, saying that they should have known better. as if she doesn't have good enough judgment to be in this position or to be even considered for it. i mean, how much of a slap in the face is that? >> well, it's really discouraging that senator mccain, who, you know, in the past, i think, has had really wide respect on both sides of the aisle, that he would be doing this. it was easy to say, when he was running against a right-winger in 2010, in the primary, oh, he has to, you know, deport his principles over the border on immigration or other things in order to get re-elected. people in washington understand that. but
there, they -- bob schieffer had the president of the libyan national assembly on. he said this is al qaeda, it was an orchestrated attack. now, shouldn't that have gotten somebody's attention to say wait a minute, the libyans themselves are saying this is an al qaeda affiliated attack and it wasn't result of a demonstration. it seems to me she should have known the answers and shouldn't have been saying things that obviously, as i said at the time, piers, people don't bring mortars and rocket propelled grenades and heavy weapons to demonstrations. >> right. i want to play you a clip. this is condoleezza rice, who was talking on fox news about benghazi in october. listen to this. >> when there is a fog of war like this, there are a lot of competing stories coming in, there's a lot of competing information coming in and it takes a little while to know precisely what has happened. there are protocols in place. i have no reason to believe that they weren't followed. but it is not very easy in circumstances like this to know precisely what's going on as it's unfolding. >> isn't that, with
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